We live for and because of change.

With this principle our founder Gustav Käser - mastermind and pioneer in behavioral training - established a milestone for change management more than 50 years ago. Today this mindset is more important than ever. The whole world is changing. Everywhere. Faster and faster.

And what about you?

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If you think you can, you can!
If you think you can't, you're right!

During the Spanish-American war, the American president William McKinley performed a heroic act, which was unprecedented and a key factor in American success. He ordered the Cuban rebel leader General Calixto Garcia, who was hiding deep in the forests of Cuba, to deliver a message. McKinley's target? To find out how strong Garcia's rebel forces were, and how willing they were to support the American troops. The situation demanded immediate action. There was no room for failure. Who could he send?

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How sick is our society?

In crises people show their best sides - and their worst. We at gustavkäser say "Visions determine our behaviour!" This is, what happens right now - in a drastic way! Our society tends to show its bad sides at the moment. The media report sick people in live tickers like goals in a football match. Corona panic leads to isolation, suspicion (even racism) and a climate of fear. The fear of the disease appears currently greater than the danger itself. The fear is so great that society is making itself ill. We are in the process of throwing overboard what constitutes life: humanity. Let us all be considerate, wash our hands, cough in our elbows and do not stop living!

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